Fasting month is a spiritual month for Moeslems. They do daily activity with fasting all the day in a month. They realize that this month is a special time to keep their beliefs in their Good, Alloh. From morning (04.30 am) to afternoon (06.00 pm) they create by handling everything to eat and drink, especially to having better their spiritual llife than usual month, making life better, calm, harmony in soul and action, and increasing their routine goodness.

Ngabuburit is a name of time to wait a breaking time. Breaking time is a time to let Moeslem eat and drink as usual. It start at Maghrib, usually at 06.00 pm, a time to pray after noon day. Ngabuburit is Indonesan traditional life by wasting time with many activities behind their life. It can be a play, read Kuran, learn relgious lessons, and so on.

Coming to Indonesia in Fasting month, you can see many activities in the afternoon to the night. People sell and buy some foods, meals, shirt, accessories, as they wait for for breaking time to eat and drink.