Sometime you fell bored having the same condition. We have no choce. The schedule you forget is just on weekend or day off. As an officer, we have no choice to be the one. Our job come without being stopped by ourself because weare not a boss at our office.

Being a tourist can make everything different. A reason why you should be a tourist is being A boss for yourself. You can make everyting nice and memoriable for you. Yaou have a different role, not only someone who make your real boss instructed you, but you can free from orders and demands.

Getting new situation is another reason to go on trip. You need someting unusual to make your life colourful. You are not a robot that can do and work over the time. Getting a fresh air wiil charge your emotional life into the better one than before.

Relaxing time you need. Finding the same situation and people can make you getting stagnant post. You have to free and reflect what you plan and what you one for nowdays and next day. It is non only the same job at the same time.

Forgetting to your routine job is more important. Someting routine will drive you on the bad situation because of your respons on that. People who need creation are poeple who plan everyting better.