Sightseeing tours with the heart is the meaning of peace. A person who is seeking peace will be more dependent on the Lord as a means of fulfilling life satisfaction. When the material did not answer her satisfaction, he or she would have chosen a life is not always oriented objects. Tours are conducted in various heart shapes. Even went to many places on its own is leisure heart itself.

People are freed from routine life, people will get a new one. However, because of this tour for the sake of getting peace does not usually any places that they visit. Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist different way to visit the place he or she wanted. Simply because this tour is for his or her beliefs. Tours can mean doing the truth.

Calmness, comfort is believed to be able to form a soul at peace and not nervous facing the fact which later he or she faced. The entire Center of peace will be oriented on the way people honed, no longer hang on to life on the other. Visiting places of worship, knowing the life of the Prophet and Apostle got inspiration is also to look at the history and the moral life-struggle. Where we understand that life is giving the message and doing good. Calm and peace are two results obtained in carrying out touristic heart. Believe that life is not just a matter of the material, but the inner calm will make anyone understand that any problem can be overcome.