Space originally was the site of the astronauts have landed. Place far from the reach of those of us who are here on Earth. However, something far, which is on the opposite side there, now it is possible to be closed with our daily lives.

Recent news mentions that tourist into space can be a selection of our lives. Antidesma bunius, bored at to it we can visit. There’s good news! Package price for day trips are now venturing into space has decreased.

Although the cheaper, still rates are still relatively quite expensive for the layman. As quoted from the Daily Mail Monday (9/5/2011), at a press conference in Madrid, Spain, President of Virgin Galactic Will Whitehorn, announced that the price of his space tourism will experience a decrease in price dramatically over the next five years. Wow! Already imagined might indeed have to measure the spaceman attire and the thrill of seeing the Earth from a distance while enjoying ice cream strawberry.

However, do not trigger happy, travel during 2.5 hours outside the atmosphere turned out to be not as cheap as imagined. For those tourist we still have to release fundsĀ  approximately 60,000 pounds. Either we should be pleased or unhappy when hearing the news. Well, not what You have Had that kind of money, after all, there are still plenty of awesome excursion options on opposite sides of the Earth’s atmosphere right?