Undoubtedly, Asia is a land of inspiration and romance. This often makes a place honeymoon or a place to get married. Well, if you and your partner are thinking about vacation in Asia, the following six places with a romantic vision unearthingasia.com recommends:


1.Halong Bay, Viet Nam

Such time, the idea of seeing the sunset sounds cliché. But try to take a cruise in Halong Bay at dusk, can be an experience that is hard to forget. Halong Bay is one of the sites of world heritage in Viet Nam is filled with people. To see its beauty, you can rent a junk boat, a type of ancient Chinese sailing ship to spend the night in the Bay.

2. Island of Jeju,

Jeju Korea of the Cheju South, or is an island located at the tip of the peninsula of Korea and near Japan. With a charming panorama, this island is the most popular tourist destination.

Mountains, beaches, waterfalls, gardens, cliffs and beautiful stones wrapped in a warm climate that makes this place worth a visit with the couple. Along with the traditional atmosphere of Korea who still feels, the island became a favorite tourist attraction. Oh, Yes, because the atmosphere is romantic, the Jeju Island is also a destination for honeymoon the new couple.

3 Stanley, Hong Kong

Hong Kong in the city center is full of hustle and bustle, and certainly in reality did not bring happiness to you and your romantic partner. So you can cross the island of Stanley, a former village fishing a bit. While in Stanley, taking several hours to explore the market, then sit and watch the sunset. Not only that, Stanley also has some excellent restaurants, this could be a pleasant culinary event with a partner. For a different environment, can explore some of the routes of hiking in the area.

4 Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap is the gateway to the ancient region of the famous Angkor Wat complex no longer a secret because boisterous tourism in Cambodia. Thus, while in Siem Reap to try something more, which offers a different experience with the hiring of a tuk-tuk and go to explore the field. But if you still want to be in the area of Angkor, Banteay Srei try to visit the temple is very popular, but the relative calm. Carvings of stone temples are not so complicated, you and your partner probably not going to believe that it is of stone.

5 Jaipur, Rajasthan,

State of Rajasthan in the India India have interesting and unique views over the romantic  inspiration. From the desert to hundreds of great palaces and temples can be found there. As a suggestion, you must provide some special days in Jaipur, known as the pink city. There, you can visit the couple until the Albert Hall Museum Fort Amber Jal Mahal o. began to explore the corners of the city, you will feel a romantic experience with your partner.

6. Eastern and Eastern railroad, South-East Asia

expression sensual seduction of the couple may appear instantly to pass the area with stunning beautiful landscapes. It can happen on the road to the East and the Eastern Railway, one of the trains ultra-lujo were not many. East and East Asia version railway has a number of routes between cities such as Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Vientiane, and Chiang Mai. For more information, please visit www.orient-express.com site.