Good planning on going to anywhere is not only having money, it is also preparing everything. Sometime we lose the event because of one thing. We forgot to prepare.   Sometime we just think that weekend is just a weekend. We seldom ponder to make best use of our planning while our ways have many dreams to make it real.

Coming to somewhere also mean having memorable events. We need all desire by spending our all money. Unfortunately everything is not cheap to buy.

Preparation means making a good plan. Going to school means a daily schedule to learn every subject. Without having good schedule we have no worth education, we are tangled to start from where the lesson is.

A simple asking to brush up on is a place to go on. A place needs to prepare on planning where to go. A short time means a nearby place that just a mile from home.

Enough Money does not mean much money. Coming the unique places do not need much money. Experienced people told that enough money is enough to go even everywhere if we have strategy on vacation. Going to South America from Asia is too far for people having enough money, it is need much money because a distance and preparation to keep. By coming step one by  coming to nearby country first, it can be a solution to start. And next, we can go to the others.

Good planning on going to anywhere is having good many preparations.