Phuket is the biggest island in Thailand which is located in the southern part. The exotic of Phuket has already well known worldwide since many people from the whole world come to visit and spend their vacation in Phuket. It is very recommended for those of you who dream about the exotic tropical vacation.

The tropical climate really supports the beauty and comfort of the island. The unique of local people, their language and their hospitality as well make Phuket is always being loved by the tourists and make them wanna come and come again. Now, the exotic tropical vacation isn’t your dream anymore if you come to Phuket island.

As usual if we are talking about island, it means that we’ll see the beach with beautiful panorama, the sound of the soft breezes and waves, yet Phuket offers more than it. We can explore many unique things of the island, such as the Phuket old town. In that area we can find the old era of Phuket, where we can find some shrines, public museums, the temples of Buddhist and Chinese and many more. This part is suitable for you who love histories. And if you love beach so much, you can come to Phang Nga Bay. The area has some small islands that you can visit. “James Bond” island is one of them. You may think its name is very unique since it is similar with the title of a film and yes, they are connected because the island was be the place to shoot one of james bond movie “The man with the golden gun”. The island becomes more spectacular with a lot of rocky pinnacles.

Another reason for you to spend your exotic tropical vacation at Phuket is if you love night life, you can come to Bangla road in Patong beach. The awesome night life is offered there such as some bars with the dancing show of some women and many more. And the last but not least, it is the very famous entertainment show in Thailand is cabaret show, it is like some women perform the dancing with very unique costumes and motions, and the most unique of this show is those women are actually men. It is very famous of Thailand.