Family vacation is a relaxing holiday. It is told that fun for the family vacation will involve the whole family to have fun and carry out joint activities. Place in the family vacation choice will largely determine because it will share with the various wishes of children, wives, husbands, and even grandparents.

Family vacation was so fun because it involves our loved and we love. The meaning of holidays away from home will be felt in the family vacation. Not to mention that same passion will share a positive aura for the whole family. Finding a new and exciting thing is it appeals to the child, the same goes for us when away from home. See the sights, the beach; the trees will change the impression of visuals and soothing our brains.

The zoo will make our children learning a lot to the difference in living creatures, feeding habits, and enjoy the greatness of God. Learning to pay attention and observe is anything that will give positive effects, funny, and ridiculous.

Amusement park and playground will make children active and entertained. Recognizing the types of plants, trees, beside the rippling pond and animals is a sensory experience beyond measure.  Fun Park in Singapore is one of the Bogor Botanical Gardens is another example.

Bali can be an alternative in addition to Hawaii for those who love natural sea and surf, as well as marine life and coral reefs in it.

For who would prefer to experience the village, family vacation can be done by going to the agricultural lands and farms, identify more closely the experience of living people and animals surrounding villages.