Hamburg is Europe’s largest port city and second largest metropolis in Germany. It says the City of Metropolis because the city has an impressive building, classical and modern. In addition, in this city we will find a variety of shopping centers that treat tourists, among them modern recreational facilities, our parks, museums, stylish restaurants, malls and other places visit.

Hamburg was the port sector and international trade. Founded around the year 811 by Charlemagne’s regime, Hamburg is one of the great hanseatic cities and become a celebrity until now centuries old. The city on the banks of the River Elba has an elegant side, with exclusive shopping centers along the boulevards, art centers, world-class music venue, and entertainment district of St. Pauli.

As a tourist destination, city and state of Hamburg offers many choices for tourists, with attractions ranging from 50 museums and arena concerts, opera, miniature train. Magnificent buildings are testimony to a long and fascinating history of Hamburg. A boat tour is a must in Hamburg.

If you plan to go to Hamburg, go to first G Bohnen und Speck and Birnen. Another interesting attraction is the attraction of this city are scattered almost in the city. Hamburg Zoo Park is a special place that appeals to visitors of the children, the beauty of this city is Hagenbeck, Aquacentrum, and Warehouse Sweden, Hamburg MidSommerland, Berg Wilseder, Soltau Therme and more.

Car rental is possible also in this city. That’s when they appear a little problem if the hotel will provide shuttle service or not or whether, in addition to rent a car is also for guests who want to tour the city. Many business people who prefer to use other modes of transportation if they live close to the city as taxis rather than renting a car when they went to Hamburg. You can see if Hamburg hotel has a car service or a taxi service available to you when you are looking for a hotel in Hamburg for business travelers.