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Nothing Compare
It is not a tittle of a song. It is about people’s ekspression as they tell about a trip the did. Nothing compare is statement to say that they are [...]
What First Impression do You Get?
What first impression do you get? This question is asked by someone as you came from a trip. This asking is important to ask you from someone to know your [...]
What Govt. Forgot to Sell Tourism Area
What a government forget for income in toursm area? Tourist usually comes to one place to have many things. It can be a beach, land, coulinnery, building, [...]
Having Fun, Having Solution
Is a place for weekend just a place itself? Going to anywhere is getting some important thing. Spending your time and money have giving balances with many [...]
Travel Warning, A Country Worry
Travel warning is a phrase that public know very well. Here is a name to the area that make a country worried about their citizens coming there. There is a [...]
Massage is A Traditional Theuraphy
Massage is a theuraphy for people in the world. This is a hand and lotion being used to make body relaxting. In Asia, massage is served in a tourist area [...]
Creativity as A Main Factor for Tourist Area
Creativity can do everything. It is no only for a man but give solution problem for tourist area. A owner of torist area is generely trust to a natural [...]
Quality Time for Happiness
Have you ever known what the first thing to take on going to any where? Single one has different intetest from partner one. No problem for single one a [...]
Promoting Your Beloved Place for Public
Your favourite place can identify many things. A place reflect your quality and interest in everything. Your football club, for instance, can promote a [...]
A Happy Place
What is your first choice to go on any where? Is it money as a main factor to have? In our opinion, it is about your fact that money is everything. Or just [...]